Three Realms

Three Realms opens February 4th from 6-9! Come join us at SMAart gallery for a great show!

Three Realms: Land Sea and Sky
Natasha DikarevaMalia Landis and Crystal Morey
January 26th through February 19th
SMAart Gallery
1045 Sutter St.

Three Realms - 1

Seeking inspiration from the environment around them, artists Natasha Dikareva, Malia Landis, and Crystal Morey are interested in the mystery, allure, grace and whimsy found in the natural and imagined world we all share.

In their own voices, each artist uses the tradition of clay to capture human emotion and catalogue ideas of growth and adaptation, the real and the imaginary, delicacy and impermanence, flight and stillness, inner and outward self.

Influenced by ideas of nature, myth, memory, and the passage of time, these artists work to understand and show the space we all inhabit. The Three Realms is a contemplation of theses spaces: the land and its interconnected dependencies in humans, plants and animals, the sea in its mysterious ecosystems and continual cycles, and the sky in its unpredictable temperament and as a gateway to infinite space.

Lineage: Mentorship & Learning @ AMOCA

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 9.49.44 PM
Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 9.58.11 PM

Exhibition Dates: January 16-June 19, 2016

Lineage: Mentorship & Learning highlights the impact and importance of the teacher/student relationship. This exhibition illustrates the thread connecting multiple generations of ceramic artists from Peter Voulkos to today’s students.

For decades there has been an impressive variety and strength in California’s colleges and universities ceramic programs. AMOCA invited 25 current educators from the state to participate in Lineage. In addition to inviting the educators to exhibit their own work in the show, we asked them to identify their most influential instructors or mentors and to nominate their most promising students or recent alumni. A panel then reviewed the nominations and selected the artists to include in the exhibition. The artwork in Lineage ranges from functional to sculptural with the artists exploring a wide range of forms, techniques and narratives.

AMOCA is proud to feature the work of the past, present, and future of ceramics and education.

Su Young Arnold
Ralph Bacerra
Brandon Bateman
Tanya Batura
Timothy Berg &
Rebekah Myers
Luis Bermudez
Kelsey Bowen
Richard Burkett
Johann Choi
Benjamin Cirgin
Patsy Cox
Patrick S. Crabb
Jessica Rae Crocker
Audry Deal-McEver
Rick Dillingham
Jeff Downing
Benjamin Joseph Dunmire
Camila Friedman-Gerlicz
Keiko Fukazawa
Forrest Gard
Alina Hayes
Katherine Hermida
Wayne Higby
John W. Hopkins
Stephen L. Horn
Stanton Hunter
Samuel Jernigan
Shane Keena
David Kiddie
Jungmok Sona Lee
Sam Lopez
Nathan Lynch
Pedro Magaña
Tony Marsh
Timothy Martinez
John Mason
Jim Melchert
Robert Miller
Gerardo Monterrubio
Joe Morales
Crystal Morey
Kevin Myers
Rosa Novak
Michael Peed
Rex Platero
Ken Price
Don Reitz
Jeffrey Richards
Jenny Rosen
Jerry Rothman
Adrian Saxe
Tiffany Schmierer
Nancy Selvin
Carly Slade
Paul Soldner
Victor Spinski
James Stewart
Vincent Suez
Howard Tollefson
Elizabeth Torrance
Monica Van Den Dool
Peter Voukos
Evan Walker
Andrea Williams
Mary Cale A. Wilson
John Wood II

Image left: Nathan Lynch, Dead Reckoning, 2014 ceramic, redwood, steel, 6x6x8.5′, 6x6x12′, 6x7x16′
Image right: Tim Berg & Rebekah Myers, Figure 5, 2014, slip cast porcelain, glaze, gold luster, 7x 5×7″

At the Edge of Time

Exhibition at Antler Gallery in Portland Oregon!

“At the Edge of Time”

November 28th, 2015 through January 10th, 2016

Works available: HERE

Humankind has become the driving influence and force behind natural evolution. We are able to alter life from a single cell all the way up to entire ecosystems. Intentionally or unintentionally, we are rapidly affecting changes to the environment that would have taken natural processes millennia. Through these actions we are leaving many vulnerable species and habitats frantic, facing disruptions and uncertain outcomes. In my work I investigate these actions while also creating an evocative and mysterious narrative that shows our interdependence with the land and animals around us.

As a species, we sit “At the Edge of Time”, faced with monumental questions leading to difficult, uncertain answers. My figures exist on this frontier, absorbed in their own feelings of stress, anxiety and ambivalence. Sculpted from the silken white earth of porcelain, I see these delicate figures as containing power – as modern talismans and precious telling objects. They are here to remind us of our current trajectory and potential for destruction and downfall. NorthAmBison - 1 flightlines - 3 01_Antler_GrowlingBear - 1 02_Antler_Hawk - 1 Markhor - 1 (2) 03_Antler_StandingHawk - 1

Available Works!

Works available at Eutectic Gallery!

“Go Figure”

August 7th through September 26th, 2015

Artists: Amber Aguirre, Wesley Anderegg, Chris Antemman, Stephen Braun, Kelly Garrett Rathbone, Christine Golden, Heidi Preuss Grew,  Gerit Grimm, Calvin Ma, Crystal Morey, Erika Sanada, Keith Schneider, Russell Wrankle, and Paige Wright.Euctectics - 1Euctectics - 1 (1) Euctectics - 1

Go Figure at Eutectic Gallery

Go Figure at Eutectic Gallery

August 7 – September 26

Artists: Amber Aguirre, Wesley Anderegg, Chris Antemman, Stephen Braun, Kelly Garrett Rathbone, Christine Golden, Heidi Preuss Grew,  Gerit Grimm, Calvin Ma, Crystal Morey, Erika Sanada, Keith Schneider, Russell Wrankle, and Paige Wright
Opening reception: First Friday, August 7, 2015
6:00 – 9:00 pm

Join the gallery for First Friday, August 7th as we celebrate figurative ceramic sculpture, both human and animal, with our August/September exhibition “Go Figure.”   Eutectic Gallery has curated a stunning selection of works by artists from all over the United States.

Euctectics - 1 Euctectics - 1 (1) Euctectics - 1Euctectics - 1 (4) Euctectics - 1 (5)

Not Too Funky

New Bay Area Ceramics, curated by the wonderful Christa Assad at the Diablo Valley College Art Gallery. I am so happy to have been included in this wonderful group of talented ceramics artists of the greater San Fransisco Bay area. Please join us this Thursday, January 29th for the opening reception from 6 to 9pm.

cause and effect Not Too Funky: Bay Are New Ceramics

Curated By Christa Assad

Diablo Valley College: Art Gallery

January 28th through February 25th

Opening Reception: Thursday, January 29, 6-9pm

Open Monday-Thursday, 11-4 and Fridays 11-3

Artists Include: 

Shenny Cruces

Antonio Cuellar

Edith Garcia

Travis McFlynn

Erin McGuiness

Crystal Morey

Juan Santiago

Shannon Sullivan

Whitney Smithntf-0110943767_10155176326790571_2468774806191527230_oJuan Santiago_FigurinesShannonSullivan_01

Unnatural Histories 3

I will have a sculpture in Unnatural Histories 3 at Antler Gallery, opening this September 27th. I am so happy to be included in this wonderful show, with an amazingly talented group of artists.uhiiishowcardFINAL

cmorey_threeeyed bear


Crystal Morey – “Homo-hybrida Ursus

Ceramic clay and glaze // 11″ x 4″ x 5″ // 2014 // $525  


After the mass decline of many of our natural habitats, humans, along with the other members of class Mammalia, found it necessary to share shelter, resources, intellect, instinct, and intuition. Humans had no other choice except to return to natural ways of existing. Bears, being one of the largest land predators, were acutely affected by the rapid change in seasons, habitat loss, and scarcity of prey. Having similar needs, humans and bears observed mutual traits in one another and adapted into a subspecies we now know as “Homo-hybrida ursus .” The function of the third eye adaptation is still unknown, though there are many who believe it is meant to see and warn against future disruptive events.

three eyed bear_01