Help Christa Assad

We are rallying for Christa Assad! If you have not heard, Christa broke her back while escaping the burning building that was her home. She lost everything in the fire and due to her broken back, broken nose and lacerated eye lid will not be able to work in the studio for the next three months. You can help by donating any amount and if you donate $25 you will be entered into a raffle where you could win my piece along with many other amazing works. Visit any little bit helps!



Curated by Courtney Cerruti

Paxton Gate

766 Valencia St,

San Francisco, CA 94110

February 21st – April 1, 2014

36 antique wooden spoons found on instagram. 36 artists from the US and UK.

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Join us for the opening on February 21st from 6pm-8pm at Paxton Gate Kids, 766 Valencia St. San Francisco. 
Participating artists: Matthieu Brajot, Sarah Ahern Bellemare, Courtney Cerruti, Lisa Congdon, Cathy Cullis, Sara Diamond, Alicia Dornadic, Garrett Eaton, Diana Fayt, Dusty Genard, Patrick Sean Gibson, Molly Hatch, Glenn Hernandez, Colin Herrick, Maria Janosko, Curtis Jensen, Dave Kim, Bob Lake, Jen Lake, Tim Lamb, Mike McConnell, Mati Rose McDonough, Faye Moorhouse, Crystal Morey, Sam O’Leary, Cleo Papanikolas, Willie Real, Shawn Relish, Katrina Rodabaugh, Fer Santacruz, Christine Schmidt, Dickson Schneider, Lisa Solomon, Julia Statite, Lindsay Anne Watson, Robyn Wells.

3636Project_01Above: Crystal Morey @cmorey and Michael McConnell @poopingrabbit.3636Project_02Above: Diana Fayt @dianafayt, Lisa Congdon @lisacongdon and Molly Hatch @mollyhatch.3636Project_03Above: Courtney Cerruti @ccerruti and Dave Kim @daveyoungkim.